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Jobs for Students

ODY Circulation Desk Students

The St. Lawrence University Libraries hires students for a variety of part-time positions throughout the Libraries. Student job hours are flexible. Available positions and applications are accessible below. 

St. Lawrence University's Student Employment Philosophy:

"A student desiring to meet educational expenses through part-time campus employment should be encouraged and assisted in locating employment opportunities.  In addition to being a financial resource, campus employment can serve as an educational tool to increase the student’s job skills and enhance future career opportunities.  Campus employment is meant to complement the student academic experience."

Please note that the Financial Aid Office is responsible for the administration of the student employment program on campus. St. Lawrence University’s campus employment program is subject to, and will be administered in accordance with, all Federal and State laws and statutes governing employment practices.

Job Listing

All Jobs

Title Department/Office Status
Archives Assistant Special Collections filled
Cataloging Assistant Cataloging filled
GIS Student Assistant Launders Science Library filled
Interlibrary Loan Assistant Interlibrary Loan filled
Launders Supervisory Assistant Launders Science Library filled
Maintenance Technician-Green Bikes Launders Science Library filled
Music Library Assistant Music Library filled
Service Desk Assistant ODY Circulation filled
Student Research Assistant ODY Reference filled