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Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service that links libraries together to create an Internet of their collections. By sharing the materials in their collections Interlibrary Loan allows library patrons to access materials beyond the scope of any one collection. By utilizing networked information technology, ILL has a global breadth.

St. Lawrence University faculty, students, and staff are eligible to use Interlibrary Loan services. Residents of St. Lawrence County who have a valid St. Lawrence University Libraries borrower’s card may also use ILL.

Students, faculty, and staff who are with one of the area’s Associated Colleges are welcome to use our facilities and collections but should use the interlibrary loan services provided by their institution.
There are no fees for ILL services.

The St. Lawrence University’s Interlibrary Loan staff work to comply with all of the guidelines in the American Library Association’s Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States.

Make a Request

Requesting Books

If you are looking for a book that is not in our holdings, the next place to check is Connect NY. Connect NY is a consortium of 18 academic libraries in New York State, and a ConnectNY search searches all 18 libraries. In Encore and ODYsseus a search can be run by simply clicking the ConnectNY icon. If you find the title you want, click the Request Hold button and authenticate as SLU student or faculty and the system will automatically request the book. Connect NY requests are generally delivered in 2-3 days. Connect NY books can be kept for 21 days, and may be renewed once. E-books in ConnectNY are directly accessible from the catalog.

If there is a title of interest that is not in our collection or ConnectNY, request the book through ILLiad, our online Interlibrary Loan system. You can request any book that you need. Students and Faculty will need to create an ILLiad account (following the First Time Users link), and from the ILLiad main menu use the Request A Book button (the required fields for bibliographic information are duly noted). Delivery time for books requested through ILLiad is generally two to ten days. Interlibrary Loan books borrowed from libraries other than ConnectNY libraries have different polices both on how long the book can be kept and whether the book can be renewed. You will need to check with the ILL Staff on a title by title basis is you need to renew a book.

Requesting Articles

For all article requests use ILLiad. You will need to have information for the article you want from the citation you’ve found. If you supply an ISSN number with your article request it is possible that we can get your article in 24 hours or less. This would be true for many, but not all articles. Our goal is certainly to be able to deliver most articles within the 24 hour turn-around time, but there are some pretty obscure journals out there!

You can request that articles are delivered either in print or electronically. Not surprisingly, requests for electronic articles move more quickly. Electronic requests are delivered as pdf files to ILLiad, where you find them through the View/Download Electronically Received Articles button. Requests that come in print are available at the ODY Circulation Desk. You will be notified by e-mail when requests arrive. Articles are yours to keep.

It cannot be overstated—having the ISSN enables the ILL staff to process your request much more efficiently and is a critical component in our meeting the 24 hour delivery time. If you make a request for an article from a database by clicking on the Find@SLU Button and use the Interlibrary Loan link on the Journal Finder Page, the article request form will be automatically filled out and will include the ISSN number. Citations for articles in our databases and indexes include the ISSN number, and help desk staff (as well as reference librarians) can help you identify the ISSN for any periodical if it isn’t apparent.

Who Answers Questions

The Interlibrary Loan Office is staffed by Laurie Davis and Julia Courtney. They process all of the requests for ILL materials. Questions about specific requests should be directed to Ms. Davis or Ms. Courtney at 229-5485. We would like to acknowledge and applaud the student workers we have, and the vital part they play in Interlibrary Loan operations.
Public Services Librarian Paul Doty is the supervisor for the department. Questions about tracking down especially ephemeral materials or concerns that you might have about a request should be directed to him at either 229-5483 or

Interlibrary loan is based on libraries cooperating in good faith, and libraries certainly have the prerogative not to loan to an institution that has demonstrated it does not respect their property. Failure to return books borrowed through Interlibrary Loan or failure to take financial responsibility for materials borrowed through Interlibrary Loan may result in a termination of ILL privileges.