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Remote Terminal

Remote access is only one user at a time, and incoming users can kick current users off the Terminal: if User A logs in while the Terminal is being used by User B, User A will see a warning that s/he is logging into a Terminal that is currently being used. User A will have the option to kick User B off or try again later. If you have been kicked off the Terminal, this means a new user has logged in.

Signing In

If / once you have a Bloomberg Terminal account:

*If you have a Bloomberg Terminal account and receive login failednotices, please email and ask for assistance with your account.


Get Account


If you do not have a Bloomberg Terminal account:

  • Go to the BMC web portal at
  • Click "Sign Up."
  • Click “Sign Up as Learner” and follow the instructions. Use only your email address; do not use an email address not affiliated with SLU.
  • Once you have signed up, there should be a “Terminal Access” tab at the top of the dashboard--click it and follow the instructions. Be sure to enter your email account.
  • Verify identity. Bloomberg will call (or email) you to confirm your information.
  • Then, follow the directions in the email you receive from Bloomberg.