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ACLS Humanities E-Book


A somewhat more specialized collection, the ACLS Humanities E-Book collection consists of over 5400 titles that represent both the digitalization of already published titles, and books published exclusively in electronic format.  Books are selected based on a  “criteria for inclusion in the collection stress[ing]  a title’s importance to humanistic studies, not its print status.” The collection is grown with in consultation with 72 learned societies.  These e-books are an important collection within the catalog for the undergraduate consideration of the humanities.

Printing and Download Notes: 

Our subscription with ACLS is one that provides for electronic access, there is a utility for a permanent URL to link to specific pages.  For reading online the PNG version is recommended, for printing, the pdf version of the text is best, and our license provides for, “Ten pages may be downloaded or printed at a time. This is generally sufficient for following a citation or extracting a quotation and follows HEB’s policy for fair-use rights and limitations.”


Supported Devices: 
Titles are available via Encore and ODYsseus

ACLS Help link at top of patron interface; ODY or LSL help desks.

E-Book Checklist

An overview of the software one needs to download e-books from Encore/ODYsseus to a personal device.