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This course is an introduction to teaching for students who intend to teach in secondary schools, with a focus on students who intend to become certified teachers. Students will be introduced to differentiated instruction and understanding by design, and will plan lessons using these approaches to curriculum and instruction. The goal of differentiated instruction and understanding by design is planning lessons that engage and challenge each learner. In order to accomplish this goal, students in this course will study learners (from psychological, philosophical and social perspectives, the content area they intend to teach, and how literacy works in their content area. Particular attention will be paid to inclusive education, content-area reading, and English language learners. Students will learn how key development theories can be used to promote the learning and growth of adolescents. Students spend at least twenty hours observing and teaching at a local secondary school. No prerequisites. By permission of the instructor only.

Esther Oey
Fall 2020
Course Code:
EDUC 250