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This course covers the nature of energy, its application in modern society and a variety of issues associated with that use. We will study the physical principles of mechanical, thermal, electrical, optical and nuclear energy in order to better understand the role of energy in society, focusing on fossil fuels, electric power plants, automobiles, global warming, the ozone layer and energy conservation, as well as nuclear, solar and other power sources. This course makes extensive use of elementary algebra and scientific notation. Major credit restricted.. Also offered as ENVS 105.

Daniel Koon
Fall 2020
Spring 2021
Course Code:
PHYS 105 / ENVS 105
Environmental Studies

Energy: Its Use and the Environment

Course Readings - Paper - PHYS/ENVS 102

Physical Course Readings can be found on the Shelving next to the Current Periodicals.
Materials do not need to be checked out and must remain in the Library.