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Chicago Manual of Style - Citation Guide

This citation guide was created by the WORD Studio and is based on the Chicago Manual of Style (Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1993). For additional examples, please refer to online version: Chicago Manual of Style or the print version: Chicago Manual of Style, which is available in the collections of ODY Library and the Science Library.

Questions about citing sources? Consider making an appointment with a WORD Studio tutor. In history courses and some humanities courses, Chicago-style footnotes or endnotes will be required. A superscript number in your text will correspond to a citation at the bottom of the page in the case of footnotes, or to a citation grouped with all of your other citations on an endnotes page. Shortened footnotes and endnotes: The Chicago Manual of Style allows for shortened endnotes or footnotes for subsequent references to a source cited once, and for consecutive notes from the same source. These are modeled in the guide.

As the guide illustrates, there are different variations of Chicago style, so always ask your professor if you are uncertain about citation requirements.