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SPOTLIGHT on Alumni - Emma Turell

This series SPOTLIGHTs St. Lawrence alumni who have become or are studying to become librarians.

·       What was your class year at St. Lawrence?


· What was your major/minor?

         My major was a Multifield in Art, History, and English. (I now wish I had chosen a more traditional major.) My minor was Film.

·       Have you worked in any of the St. Lawrence libraries?  If so, when, where, what department?

       Yes, I worked at the ODY circulation desk for a year. Then I moved on to Technical Services where I worked for about 3 years. Later I did some work in Government Documents. Now, I hold a temporary position at the Science Library circulation desk.


·       Why did you decide to become a librarian?


        I decided to become a librarian not long after I was hired as a freshman. I loved the environment and the people I worked with. I received lots of care and encouragement from all the librarians and library assistants. I found the work itself satisfying, challenging and it appealed to me as an introverted person who loved preservation and learning. By my sophomore year, I was certain I would pursue an MLIS after graduation.


·       At what school will you be studying for your library degree?  When do you expect to graduate?


         I will be studying this fall at Simmons College in Boston. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure when I will graduate. I'm assuming anytime between 2019 and 2020.


·       Do you know what kind of library you’d like to work in after you get your degree (academic, public, special, school…)?     


         I would most prefer to work at an academic library (like ODY or Launders), however, I would accept any other library with open arms.