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Pamphlet Databases

There are two collections of digitized pamphlets that are now part of our database offerings that are worth noting. The first database is the American Pamphlets Series One, 1820-1922, a collection of pamphlets from the New York Historical Society.  It contains More than 25,000 rare items that speak to both the politics of this time period, and also daily life: things like church, school, burlesques, and menus. 

The collection is searchable, and can be browsed by subject, author, place of publication, and publication printer.  This collection joins the collection of 19th Century British pamphlets that is part of the JSTOR Database.  This is, according to JSTOR, a collection of “Over 26,000 paper copy pamphlets, which focus on the political, economic and social issues that fueled the great Parliamentary debates and controversies of the 19th century, have been digitized . They provide researchers, students and teachers with an immensely rich and coherent corpus of primary sources with which to study the socio-political and economic landscape of 19th-century Britain.”  These two databases represent an important access point for SLU Students to nineteenth century primary source material.