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We’ve broadened our net for borrowing and lending books through our cooperative relationship with NExpress.  If a book is not available here at St. Lawrence, and is not available through ConnectNY, you can search the holdings of the NExpress libraries and request the book online.

NExpress provides us with a second group of libraries that can be searched after an Encore/ODYsseus search and a ConnectNY search without having to retype the search terms.

When you do a ConnectNY search you will see the NExpress icon on the results screen. By clicking on the icon you will run your search against the library catalogs of Bates, Bowdoin, Colby, Middlebury, Wellesley, and Williams Colleges.

You request the titles and authenticate as a member of the university community through the same process as ConnectNY, and once you have made your request pick up your books at the ODY Circulation Desk (just like you would for a ConnectNY title). Transit time runs about the same for NExpress books. With the inclusion of NExpress our book collection has grown in some very interesting and exciting ways that correspond to all the fields of study at St. Lawrence.

For a brief video overview of finding books and making requests using NExpress, click here.