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Lantern Slide Collection

New to the manuscript collections in the St. Lawrence University Libraries Special Collections are the 470 glass lantern slide images associated with the Emilie V. Clarkson (Moore) collection. 

Many of these lantern slides are images that were taken by Emilie Clarkson Moore.  E. V. Clarkson was born in 1863 in Potsdam NY into the wealthy family that included Thomas S. Clarkson (namesake of Clarkson University, and studied art in New York City. She graduated from the Chautaqua School of Photography and spent the next several years honing her craft and entering photographic expositions.  Her work was noted by photographic journals such as American Amateur Photographer and Photographic Times. She became a confidant of Alfred Stieglitz (their correspondence is in the Alfred Stieglitz / Georgia O'Keeffe Archive at Yale) and was part of a circle of photographers who changed perceptions about photography and art. 

The collection affords a view of someone working in the period of the late nineteenth century when photography began to be conceptualized in an entirely new way.  The entire collection is available for inspection.