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  • Cole Reading Room

    Renovations to the Cole Reading Room in Herring-Cole have restored it to a quiet study space and enhanced the original woodwork in the historic building.

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Special Collections is the place in the general library where we keep any items that are scarce, fragile, or valuable. Holdings include: printed books, journals, newspapers, maps, atlases, photographs, reports, diaries, correspondence, and more...

  • Hezekiah and Corintha Hall were residents of Norwood, New York. H.B. Hall died in 1895 at the age of 80. Corintha Hall died in 1940 at the age of 93. Corintha Yale Hall was H.B. Hall’s 4th wife.

  • An example of a Buddist religious text from Burma, Southeast Asia. This collection consists of a total of 12 leaves of Burmese Kammavaca manuscript on gilt palm leaves or lacquered cloth.