Lee Pollock '74 - The Network Comes Through

For Lee Pollock ’74, it was all about the network.

Pollock was pleased to capture second place in the USATF National Master Marathon Championship Twin Cities Region’s 60-64 age group Masters Championship run in Minneapolis in October 2012.  “Happy to finish in 2:58,” he posted.  With more than 8,000 registrants, Pollock ranked 225th overall and had a pace of 6:49 per mile. At the start of the race, the temperature was 28 degrees.

Lee reports, “Prior to the race I received many words of encouragement from the St. Lawrence alumni running community, most of them younger than me. After the race I received many congratulations, again from that community. I owe a lot of thanks for that support.” He says he was cheered by his classmate Kevin Dooley at the 3-mile mark and ran for a while with Hilary St. John ’10.
Lee continues, “Word got out that I was looking for a St. Lawrence top to wear. Alumni stepped up to offer to loan me their personal uniforms. I was a bit embarrassed, knowing how sentimentally attached you can get to your uniform. But when I said ‘I'll just use a non-SLU racing top,’ Chris “Sammy” Wilcox ’00 said, ‘like heck you will,’ and handed me his.”

 When he’s not running, Lee works in the insurance industry in Glens Falls, N.Y. He and Linda Bergkvist Pollock ’75 have three sons, including Ryan ’05.