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What is spam?

Spam is unwanted or junk email that is sent in mass using various methods both legitimately and illegitimately.

Why do I get so much spam?

There are various reasons for getting excessive amounts of spam.  Primarily, as reported by leading network technology company Cisco, worldwide volume is at an all time high and continually growing.  Check out their website, for current statistics.

"Legitimate" spam

You may also get a lot of spam because you have used your St. Lawrence email address to sign up for accounts and various services on the Internet that put your address on their mailing lists.  Often, these companies share their email lists with other companies.  Over time this can lead to your email address being on an exponential number of email lists.  This can be avoided by not using your St. Lawrence email address to sign up for personal online services and by unsubscribing from these kinds of lists.  It is important to understand that these companies aren't doing anything illegal.  If you read the fine print when signing up for these accounts, you are agreeing to this.

What is St. Lawrence's IT department doing to prevent spam?

St Lawrence University uses Microsoft’s Exchange Online Protection to detect spam and phishing attempts, which are then moved to your junk mail folder. It is important to check your junk mail folder occasionally to verify that legitimate messages have not been marked as spam. Email messages in the Junk folder will be automatically deleted after 14 days. 

Managing Junk Mail

What if I miss an Important message and it is deleted as junk?

After 14 days any email that has been marked as junk will be deleted.  However, you can recover deleted items for up to 60 days after it has been deleted

Recover Deleted Items

What can I do to prevent spam?

Managing safe and blocked senders, marking mail as junk or not junk, and creating inbox rules are great ways to manage what comes into your inbox.

Anti-spam Instructions

Creating and Managing Inbox Rules 

Reporting spam

Reporting spam to IT is not necessary.  Please just delete your spam messages.