Communications: Email, Calendar, Phone

Faculty, staff and students have access to email, calendar, and other communications services associated with their network account. Telephone service is available in all academic, administrative, and residential buildings. 

Microsoft Exchange provides an integrated calendar service along with email.
A listserv is a way of communicating with multiple people via a single email address. Users who subscribe to the listserv will receive emails that are sent to the listserv email address.
Email for students, faculty, and staff is provided by Microsoft Exchange.
Microsoft Lync is available on all university computers and can be used for communicating via Internet Message (IM), voice, or video chat.  Lync also allows of the sharing of one's desktop or compu
The University supports Zoom web conferencing and a telephone conference bridge. Contact our help desk to identify the technology that best suits your needs.
The University provides a telephone network for all on-campus rooms and offices. Faculty and staff are provided with an office telephone and extension.

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