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Stefka Antonova

Class of 2009
Production Specialist
Kantar Shopcom

Life At SLU

During her 4 years at SLU, Stefka held a number of different on-campus jobs and was actively involved on campus. She spent 8 months off campus - taking classes and interning in Washington, DC. As an Economics and Mathematics major, she was lucky to be able to work with professors from both departments and complete a few different research projects, which helped her build the core skills that allowed her to land her first dream job after college. Her experience working at the SLU IT Helpdesk is what has allowed her to establish a reputation as the "in-house IT expert" among her colleagues. 

Life After SLU

After graduating from St. Lawrence, Stefka moved to Connecticut, where she has been living and working since 2009.  She worked for Kantar Retail until the end of 2010, and is now a Production Specialist at Kantar Shopcom. Her present work involves working with an Oracle database and merging and manipulating various data set, using tools such as PL/SQL, Perl, SPSS, and Quantum, as well as proprietary software, in order to analyze CPG and non-CPG data and extract insights.In her free time she enjoys working with children and her favorite local program is Odyssey of the Mind. Stefka has tried to stay involved with the SLU Career Center by hosting a Shadow-A-Saint day in 2013 and participating in the SLU LINC program in its inaugural year.