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Lucas Clemente

Class of 2001 ID service Operations Manager
New York State Department of Information Technology Services

Life At SLU

Working at the Information Technology department for SLU was what gave me the foundation for my career. It gave me incredibly valuable real world experience in evaluating, implementing, and supporting a wide variety of computing technologies. I learned to work as part of a team, and most importantly: I learned how to turn an irate user into a happy (and grateful) customer.

The IT Department takes an active role in developing the talents and skills of their student work force, which was itself worth the tuition. It should be noted, the tutelage and guidance of Rene Thatcher was a core part of my career success. She nourishes a thirst for technological knowledge, and a thirst for finding ways to use it to the most advantage. She genuinely wants every student to succeed, both in work and in life.

The Academic programs at SLU are excellent and provide an excellent way to learn how to work smart (not hard), analyze problems, and think creatively, regardless of discipline. But hands down it was the IT department which set me on my path.

Life After SLU

I've been working for New York State ever since graduation in 2001.

I've been promoted 3 times, and am now in charge of the operations team for the ID service. The ID Service provides access to hundreds of New York Government internal and external websites via a single username and password. The ID Service currently has over 9 million accounts and grows by more every day. We help provide citizens with government services and benefits from Tax and DMV services all the way to unemployment and disability assistance.