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Adrienne Woodworth

Class of 2010
Project Manager - Legal Systems
General Electric

Life At SLU

The wide variety of classes at St. Lawrence allowed me to explore many areas and find my true passion - IT.  As a freshman, I wasn't sure what I wanted to major in, but, for my First Year Seminar, I took a class called "History of Cyberspace" taught by Paul Doty.  In this class we learned about the history of the Internet and made a website.  It was my first time being exposed to coding and I was hooked!  I immediately signed up for the introductory Computer Science class the following semester.  In 2009, I was accepted into a summer research program at UC Santa Cruz where I learned iPhone programming, and the research for our app was published twice!

I was also a member of The Hub, and met many students who worked for SLU's IT department, who encouraged me to apply for a help desk position.  I'm so glad I did!  Working for SLU's IT department exposed me to many different areas and technologies, and I loved being able to solve problems and help out other students and faculty.  Working with such a varied group really taught me to be nimble and think on my feet.  

Life After SLU

After graduation in 2010, I immediately joined GE's Information Technology Leadership Program (ITLP).  This is a two-year leadership program consisting of 4-six month rotations in different areas of IT in the company, as well as two-month long training sessions in Michigan and Shanghai.  I really enjoyed being able to explore different areas of IT and work with so many different teams in such a short time span.  In 2012, I graduated the program and joined GE's Legal Systems team, where I manage applications used by our lawyers, including systems used for legal hold, legal case management, e-invoicing, and more.  Every day, I learn something new -  it's fascinating learning about what the lawyers do, and how IT can help them.