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Class of 2021 Network Password Information


This password reset method is for use by the class of 2021.  All other classes will switch to this system in July.  If you are currently not part of the class of 2021, you will need to reset your password here password reset form.


Navigate to, enter your full St. Lawrence e-mail address, and fill out the captcha as indicated in the following image. 

Choose verification type

Choose from one of the following options available to you. These options depend on what information you have provided the University on your application: 1. send verification email to alternate email address, 2. Text mobile phone (requires verification), 3. Call mobile phone(requires verification)

If you have not provided the University with your mobile phone or alternate email adress, or there appears to be an error with the information you did provide, please contact the IT Helpdesk for assistance.
Retrieve the code

Retrieve the code sent to either your mobile phone or alternate email address and enter it where prompted.

Enter new password

Enter a new password of your choosing. Please be aware of our password policy requirements: a. Minimum Length- 8 b. Maximum Length- 128 c. The password cannot contain your network username or parts of your full name that exceeds two consecutive characters. d. Contain characters from three of the following catagories: 1. Upper Case (A through Z) 2. Lower Case (a through z) 3. Number (0 through 9) 4. Non-alphabetic character (for example: !,@,#,$,%)

Receive email verifying password reset.

Upon entering and confirming a password that meets the requirements, a notification will be sent to both your St. Lawrence and alternate e-mail address. You'll then be able to use this password to access all St. Lawrence network resources, including Office 365. Please note that to help ensure the security of our network, you will be required to change your password at least annually.