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Student Jobs

IT HelpDesk

IT HelpDesk student employees take calls and answer technology related questions from the campus community.  Some students may also go out on campus to help fix problems and learn to repair computers and other devices.  

Instructional Technology Apprenticeship Program (ITAP)

The Instructional Technology Apprenticeship Program (ITAP) is for students who are interested in paraprofessional experiences in the field of educational technology. In addition to working as an associate member of the Educational Technology team, incumbents will participate in a structured training program that will be offered collaboratively by the NY6 Educational Technology Group. Ongoing communications, collaborations, and meetings (face-to-face and virtual) will take place with other apprentices in the ITAP program. The ITAP apprentice will be expected to assume responsibilities similar to that of entry-level professional staff and will perform support activities commensurate with that role. The ITAP apprenticeship is a true paraprofessional position, providing the incumbent with solid work experience as a foundation for any career. 

Contact Lucas Wright,, for more information about this internship.

Student Mail Center

Student Mail Center student employees handle all student mail coming to and originating from campus. The students are trained assist in mailing letters and packages as efficiently as possible.