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Time Warner Cable TV HD Upgrade on campus

On Tuesday, July 19th, Time Warner Cable will upgrade the St. Lawrence University campus cable TV to digital, high definition (HD). 

This “next generation” solution works over the existing coaxial cable network and plugs directly into the students’ TVs that are Digital ClearQAM-Enabled (Most LCD TVs should be compliant)

The ClearQAM channel lineup  is made up of (80) All Digital Hi-Definition Video including ESPN, Discovery, History, the Weather Channel,   NFL Network , International Channels Univision, Telemundo, Aljazeera , TWC News , TWC Sports, and SHOWTIME Channel  +  (45) Digital Music channels.


  • (80)  Digital HD TV Channels
  • HBO and Showtime Premium Channels
  • (45) Digital Music channels

Important Notes

With Digital HD  service Students will not have the ability to upgrade with Cable Boxes

Student’s televisions will need to be equipped with ClearQAM tuners to receive HD programming.  (Most TVs manufactured after 2006 should be compliant).