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Introducing Remote Support at the IT HelpDesk

Information Technology (IT) is pleased to announce a new remote computer support tool called Bomgar that the IT HelpDesk staff will begin using this semester.  With your consent, this software will allow IT to support and troubleshoot your technology problems remotely over the phone without needing to come to your office or have you bring your laptop to us! Here is some important information to know about this:

  • This is an optional support method.  We can still do our best to help you over the phone and schedule a visit to your office if you prefer.
  • This is not possible unless you grant permission from your computer.  No one can simply connect to your computer without you being there.
  • During the support sessions, you can opt out and disconnect at any time simply by closing the Bomgar window.
  • Sessions are recorded and retained for 30 days in case any kind of review is necessary.
  • This can be used to help with problems both on and off campus. 
  • If you have a University Windows computer, over the next few days IT will deploy an icon to your desktop that will make it easier to establish a connection.  Note that there is no additional configuration necessary and this button will not do anything unless an IT employee has started a remote support session for you. *

How it works:

  • The IT staff member will ask for your authorization to connect your device – please remember to close any sensitive documents or other materials at this time
  • You will be directed to the website

* On University Windows computers, you will click the new desktop icon instead of going to the website.

  • You will be provided with a session key to enter and begin the session
  • A small application will be downloaded
  • Opening that application will then allow IT to connect to your computer