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Email gets Advanced Threat Protection

On March 20, 2018, Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) from Microsoft was activated for all employee accounts on our email system. You will notice that when you mouse over the link a long web address that starts with will appear.

The ATP technology will scan links and attachments of emails originating from external email addresses and determine, to the best of its ability, the legitimacy of the message with the questionable link or attachment.  ATP will redirect you to a warning page if you open a link/attachment it identifies as a threat.  This is another layer of security for our community; however, it will not correctly identify every threat so continue to use caution.

The critical balance between information security and ease of use is never finished. Clicking a link or opening an attachment in email is not the best practice; however, sometimes it is required.  We continue to educate and protect our community as best we can especially as it relates to email phishing and spam; however, additional steps must still be taken to protect our community and institution.

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