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4/16/2018 12:40pm
Retirees opting to keep their University email account must schedule a consultation with IT to review network access/security, and how to move to personal email and storage options. Email accounts will be disabled when employment ends unless a consultation has been completed.


3/21/2018 8:49am
On March 20, 2018, Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) from Microsoft was activated for all employee accounts on our email system. You will notice that when you mouse over the link a long web address that starts with will appear.


1/9/2018 12:00am
After 25 wonderful years of serving campus from Madill Hall, Information Technology closed the doors to the IT HelpDesk January 4, 2018. On Monday January 8, Libraries and Information Technology (LIT) opened the new ODY Service Desk. This desk combines circulation and technology support in ODY.


10/9/2017 4:29pm
The process to change your St. Lawrence University network password now requires verification via a secondary email address or mobile phone number. To verify or update your email and phone, log in to with your St. Lawrence University email address and password.


9/20/2017 8:30am
The Owen D. Young Library’s lower level will be renovated during the Fall ’17 semester. The project is designed to provide space for the Information Technology (IT) department to relocate from Madill Hall.


5/23/2017 1:52pm
St. Lawrence faculty and staff are invited to participate in an extended pilot of a new e-mail security service, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP).  Libraries and Information Technology staff have been piloting this technology for several months and would like to open testing to a broader audience to gather additional feedback before considering a full rollout in the fall.


3/8/2017 3:17pm
Information Technology (IT) is pleased to announce a new remote computer support tool called Bomgar that the IT HelpDesk staff will begin using this semester.  With your consent, this software will allow IT to support and troubleshoot your technology problems remotely over the phone without needing to come to your office or have you bring your laptop to us!


2/13/2017 8:33am
Starting this past weekend, dialing the area code (315 or 680) will be required for local calls (More).


12/7/2016 1:28pm
Adobe Creative Cloud is now available for St. Lawrence University faculty and staff to use on University owned computers!


7/14/2016 10:20am
On Tuesday, July 19th, Time Warner Cable will upgrade the St. Lawrence University campus cable TV to digital, high definition (HD).  This “next generation” solution works over the existing coaxial cable network and plugs directly into the students’ TVs that are Digital ClearQAM-Enabled (Most LCD TVs should be compliant)