APR2 Password Character Restrictions


This article explains why in some instances, passwords that contain certain characters such as commas, will work for other St. Lawrence University logins, but not for the APR 2.0 Portal. In short, if you receive an "Invalid Password" error when logging in to APR2 when using credentials that successfully log you into other SLU logins, then you should reset your password and try again with a password that does not contain "<" or ">" or any commas.





Colleague will not allow a user to login if they have a password that contains a comma. The user will be prompted for a database password but will receive an error message "Invalid Password" when they type in their correct password. SQLENVINIT converts commas to '@FM' causing the login to fail. 
Users may also get the following error: Login Failed 
UI session was unable to authenticate against successfully the database. Message returned was: Failed to Login to production on <FQDNor IP> by <user ID>: java.SQLException Fatal: 18452(14): Login failed: The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows Authentication. 
NOTE:In addition to a comma, other special characters like '< and ' '>' have caused the same issue. 

The only way to get around this is to create a new password that does not contain a comma.