Reinstall Image Now Printer


ImageNow is a program to go "paperless" for student admissions data used primarily by Admissions and then others such as First Year Program Office and Student Life. 

This article gives information on how to install ImageNow as well as to reinstall the ImageNow printer


To install ImageNow: 

  • Ensure that the computer is in the proper active directory OU - (Admissions, Registrar's Office, Student Life)
  • Open software center
  • Install ImageNow
  • Note - if ImageNow doesn't show up in software center, run the policy_hw script located in //ourslu/installs$/Utilities. Then give the computer a few minutes. You might also need to do a group policy update (open a CMD window as administrator, type gpupdate /force , let it run and then restart afterwards. Then follow the steps above. 

If you need to just reinstall the printer, you can uninstall and reinstall ImageNow from Software center or by going to //ourslu/installs$/Perceptive/ImageNow/ and running maninst.bat as administrator