Update Emergency Contact Information in APR2


This article explains how to update your emergency contact information in the APR2 advising system.  Information on this form other than the Emergency Contact is optional.

  • Login to APR2 using your St. Lawrence network username and password
Click your name and then click "Emergency Information"
Emergency info
On the Emergency Information page

If your emergency contact information is already on file in APR2 you will see it under Emergency Contacts. If this information is correct, scroll to the top of the page and click confirm. You will then see a message in the top right corner that says "Emergency Information Confirmed on (date)" If you do not have information on file or would like to change it, continue to the next step.

To Add Emergency Contact

Click "Add New Contact" and fill out the required fields

To Update an Existing Emergency Contact

Click the pencil symbol next to the contact to edit the required fields.

To Remove an Emergency Contact

Click on the X next to that contact

When The Information Is Up To Date

Scroll back to the top of the page and click "Confirm" A message should appear in the top right corner of the page that says "Emergency Information Confirmed on (date)."You can now proceed to student planning.