Mail and Package Services


This article is an overview of the shipping and receiving services and procedures for employees.


Campus Mail

To send a letter or package to someone on campus use the addressing rules below and place it in the outgoing mail location designated by your department. Department mail pickup times vary. Campus mail is delivered the next business day

Campus Mail Envelopes

Contact Office Services at (315) 229-5891 to request free, reusable campus mail envelopes.

Incoming USPS Mail

USPS mail is delivered to campus each business day before 10 a.m..  It is then sorted and delivered on the daily mail run to each department. 

Outgoing USPS Mail

Outgoing mail is picked up daily on the campus mail run and postmarked and delivered to the Canton Post Office the next business day, except Fridays.  On Friday all collected US Mail is postmarked and sent to the Canton Post Office.  There are some exceptions to these timelines for some administrative offices.  Mail leaves the University at 1:30 p.m. or after each business day.  For same day mailing please bring your mail to Office Services at Vilas Hall G5 before 1:30 p.m..

Large Mailings

Always contact Office Services for assistance before beginning to prepare a large mailing.

Incoming Packages

UPS, FedEx and other non-USPS Mail Packages are delivered to the warehouse daily. Next day air packages are delivered the same day they are received. Ground packages are delivered on the next day’s mail run.  If you would like to pick up your package at the warehouse, contact receiving.

Outgoing Packages

Outgoing packages should be labeled using the addressing rules below. Packages should be accompanied by a mail transmittal form indicating your budget and how you would like the package shipped.  Packages should be sent to Office Services via campus mail or in person for shipping preparation. When shipped you will receive an email with the tracking number.  Alternatively, departments can request pre-printed shipping labels that can be used to ship packages and take them directly to a drop box or other shipping location. It is preferred that packages are brought to Office Services for shipping. Free shipping supplies can be requested from Office Services.

Shipping Account Numbers

It is often less expensive to provide vendors our UPS or FedEx account for shipping to the University.  Please contact Office Services to determine the best way to ship goods to the University.   

Addressing of Mail and Packages

Improperly addressed mail and packages may delay delivery. Be sure to:

  • Include the recipient's department name
  • Include your department name when providing your address to entities outside the University  
  • For student mail, include the student's SMC# and a return address
  • For international mail, include the destination country spelled out entirely, not the country code, as the last line of the address