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Open W2 in Saints Portal


This article will guide you through the process to view your W2 in the Saints Portal.

  • Login to the Saints Portal: Instructions (note that if you are off campus you will need to be connected to the VPN.  Instructions here.)
  • Click "Employee Profile" on the right to expand your options
  • Click "W2 Statements"
  • Select the appropriate year from the list

If your W2 does not show up when clicking the appropriate year it is probably due to a pop-up blocker in your web browser.  Below you will find instructions for disabling that for most common browsers.  Make sure you re-enable it when you are done viewing your W2.

Microsoft Edge: Instructions

Google Chrome: Instructions

Firefox: Instructions

Internet Explorer: Instructions

Safari: Instructions (Note that Safari is not a supported browser for accessing the Saints Portal.)

Don't forget to re-enable your pop-up blocker