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MISO Survey

Survey Date: 
2007, 2010
Population Surveyed: 
Students, Faculty, and Staff

In the spring of 2007, we participated for the first time in the Merged Information Services Organization (MISO) Survey for the purpose of researching faculty, staff, and student perspectives on the following points of interest:

  • What kinds of information technologies are students, faculty, and staff using and with what levels of skill?
  • How do students, faculty, and staff perceive the value of offered services, communication, and support?
  • What is the preference of faculty, staff, and students for learning about information technology?
  • How do faculty, staff, and students prefer to solve problems related to information technology?
  • What obstacles do individuals face in their use of technology?
  • What benchmarks for excellent information technology delivery can be established for merged library and computing organizations?"