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Survey Cycle History

St. Lawrence participates in ongoing survey research - some surveys are conducted on an annual cycle, others on a 3-5 year cycle (e.g. research practices, IT, NSSE).  Several surveys are in-house instruments.  Others are national instruments which are typically supplemented with a few local questions of interest.  Also, you will note that St. Lawrence alternates between survey instruments (e.g. HEDS and HERI Senior Survey), as each pursues a particular emphasis.


CIRP Freshman SurveyXXXX
Orientation SurveyX
Wellness SurveyX
Quality of Residence LifeXXX
College Success QuestionnaireXXXX (HERI CSS)
Registration Survey (all class years)X
HEDS Senior SurveyXX
HERI Senior SurveyXXX
National Survey of Student EngagementX
Research Practices SurveyX
HERI Faculty SurveyX
MISO Technology SurveyXX
IT Survey
Career Services Follow-Up SurveyXXXX
Alumni Communications SurveyX
HEDS Alumni SurveyXX