Emily Terry

Emily Terry Portrait
Emily Terry
Francophone Studies
New Minas, Nova Scotia, Canada

If you asked anyone on campus to describe me in two words or less, mostly everyone would say that I am a “busy bee”. Being involved in many different activities and groups has helped me be more involved in the St. Lawrence community and has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of students and staff on campus! My favourite thing to do on campus is visit the Robie Squash Center. As a member of the varsity squash team, I spend a lot of my time throughout the week at the squash courts with my team and the other members of the St. Lawrence community who love the sport. In addition to being a varsity athlete, I am also a Community Assistant, a French tutor, a member of Education Club, and a tutor at the French Writing Center on campus. I love my campus jobs because I am able to work with students and help build the amazing community we have here at St. Lawrence. 

My most valuable experience while at St. Lawrence was traveling to Rwanda as a travel component to the course “Critical Aspects of Teaching English as a Second Language”, led by professor Robin Rhodes-Crowell. Myself, along with seven other St. Lawrence University students and our professor, traveled to Rwanda for two weeks teaching English to a women’s sewing cooperative Ubushobozi, and Team Rwanda, Rwanda’s national cycling team. In addition to teaching, we visited a local tea plantation, Lake Kivu, the Nyamata Genocide Memorial, the Kigali Genocide Memorial, the U.S. embassy in Kigali, Cards from Africa, and Volcanoes National Park, where we hiked into the jungle to visit a group of endangered mountain gorillas. We also got to meet Valerie Akuredusenge, and her team at Conservation Heritage-Turambe, which focuses on teaching local children the importance to conserve biodiversity through creative, hands-on learning. This amazing two-week experience has given me the opportunity to become more open-minded, and has opened more doors to opportunities and connections for the future. 

Since St. Lawrence offers many study abroad and off-campus excursions, I challenge all current and future St. Lawrence students to take advantage of at least one of these amazing experiences.

Amahoro, (peace in Kinyarwanda)