Performance Evaluations UARK

Performance Evaluation Overview and Performance Evaluation Standards

As a supervisor, your role is to coach, nurture and empower others to use their skills, expertise and ideas to produce results. You are the front-line leaders in directing employees in the tasks that will, collectively with the results of employees in other departments, assist the University in obtaining its goals and objective. To provide this direction, you should communicate to the employees what is expected of them, define satisfactory performance for those expectations, and then monitor and evaluate the performance on an on-going basis to keep that performance on-track.

The object of a performance evaluation system is to:

  • Provide a comparison of actual on-the-job performance to established performance standards;
  • Identify training needs and establishing a mechanism for employee growth and development;
  • Encourage periodic and structured communication between supervisors and employees about the "job"; and
  • Document defendable rationale for decisions involving promotions, demotions, transfers, terminations, salary increases, or incentive pay.

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