NexGen Productivity & Balance Newsletter - January 2018 | St. Lawrence University Human Resources

NexGen Productivity & Balance Newsletter - January 2018

Written by the work/life experts at eni

Introducing the NexGen EAP

Welcome to the NexGen EAP!  eni has upgraded our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to provide a fully integrated Total Wellbeing Program.  This program still offers all the great features included in BalanceWorks plus a comprehensive Wellness program, Health Advocacy support, and a completely redesigned web portal with enhanced functionality and great new resources.  eni’s EAP has a new name and a new look, but we are still offering the same WOW customer service you’ve grown to trust.

From struggling with balancing work and life to managing growing debt, finding time to exercise, or trying to understand your latest healthcare bill, today’s workforce is juggling more than ever before. eni’s highly qualified team of professionals are available round-the-clock to offer holistic support to you and your family.

To access the program’s benefits, employees and their family members may call the toll-free number or log into their web portal at any time.  Your NexGen EAP benefit includes:

Counseling Services

Our counselors are Mental Health Professionals who provide confidential counseling in-person or over the phone for a variety of stressful issues such as marital, family, substance abuse, depression, stress, grief, health, and more. Each counselor carefully listens to your needs and either offers short-term counseling focused on coping strategies or makes an appropriate referral to long-term counseling or specialized care.  All calls are confidential, and no information is provided to your employer, so you can feel confident sharing your situation and needs with eni’s intake specialists and counselors.

Virtual Concierge Services

The NexGen EAP goes well beyond counseling to minimize employee stress. Virtual Concierge Services allow employees to access Virtual Personal Assistants and request research on any topic ranging from locating community resources, childcare and eldercare, to planning for events, travel or purchases. Requests for research are submitted via the web portal, and the information is compiled and sent to the individual’s email within 5-7 business days. Popular request topics include parental resources, local services, homeownership and rental information, as well as entertainment and gifting options. Regardless of what you are searching for, these services will help you cross items off your to-do list without taking time away from your busy day.

 Financial and Legal Support and Resources

Access the NexGen EAP to utilize your no cost legal and financial consultations. Half-hour legal consultations can be done over the phone or in-person, and can be used for issues such as divorce, custody disputes, immigration, and wills. Discounted legal fees are also available if a longer consultation is required. Half-hour financial consultations are provided over the phone and can provide assistance with topics such as debt consolidation, tax questions, student loans, and investments. ID Theft resources are also available.

Professional Development Training

The NexGen EAP offers an e-Learning library, complete with hundreds of courses. Users can login to find courses on building and improving professional skills in customer service, human resources, and wellness. Compliance courses are also available on topics to make work safer and more productive, including harassment and workplace safety.

*NEW FOR 2018*

Individualized Wellness Resources

Your comprehensive, personalized Wellness Program encompasses all areas of wellbeing from nutrition and fitness to relaxation and restoration. Submit a wellness request, schedule calls with a Wellness Coach, or receive individualized wellness tools and resources.

Health Advocacy

Our licensed Care Guides are available to provide benefit information and assistance navigating your health plan. Care Guides provide healthcare claims and appeals management, healthcare billing assistance, prescription information and costs, as well as healthcare provider research.

Online Resources

Access your Total Wellbeing Program virtually via a personalized web portal, found at  You can access work/life, health advocacy, and wellness resources right from your computer. You can also submit requests directly to your Personal Assistant, access exclusive entertainment discounts, chat live, and start a financial or legal request.

Whether you are dealing with a challenging yet exciting life event like buying a house or adopting a child, or struggling with relationship concerns and increased stress, eni’s NexGen EAP seamlessly connects individuals with support and assistance. Ultimately, our specialists are just a call or online request away to guide you through all of the life events you are facing.

 For more information about the NexGen EAP or to reach a
Behavioral Health or Work/Life Expert, contact eni by calling: