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Jack Twardy

Jack Twardy standing in front of restaurant marquee

Class year: 
Business in the Liberal Arts
South Glastonbury, Connecticut

Jack's love of learning about history in school brought him to the history major here at SLU.  He believes in "the importance of understanding our past."   His favorite thing about majoring in history, besides his professors—"All of them were great"—was "the freedom to find subjects I enjoyed researching, and then working closely with my professors."  He encountered his most challenging project in his Senior Year Experience study of the Na Fianna Eirann (the Irish National Boy Scouts, founded in 1909).  "For almost the whole semester, all I had was research from various articles but no thesis to put it all together," he recalls.  "I must have gone in three or four different directions before I was finally able to come up with a thesis tying it all together."  He takes pride in the results of this endeavor.  Jack's Business in the Liberal Arts major complements his history major.  He believes that "history teaches a valuable set of skills that can be applied to multiple areas as we prepare to enter the working world."  He will use these skills in his new job as a financial analyst for United Healthcare in Hartford, Connecticut.