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Amelia Adams


History Graduate 2020 - Amelia Adams

Class year: 
English (Creative Writing)
Jackson, WY
The Hill News

Amelia says she majored in history because “I’ve always liked stories, and that’s what history is.”  Studying in both Japan and Shangahi, she says she experienced "life-changing solo adventures”  Her favorite thing about the History-Asian Studies major is that it gave her “glimpses into the world 200, 500, 1,000, 3,000 years in the past,” which she likens to “having a super-power.”  For her senior-year experience she conducted an independent study of women in classical Japan.  Now that she has graduated, she says that “I'd like to work on promoting my career as an author. In the more distant future, I might consider going back to school to study ancient, classical, and medieval Japanese history. I also have an interest in furthering my study of Japanese and Chinese language.”

Study Abroad: 
Japan (sophomore year); Shanghai (senior year)