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Dana Congelosi


History Major 2020 - Dana Congelosi

Class year: 
Wallkill, NY
Dance Ensemble, SLU Swing Dance, Research Assistant

Dana says she majored in history because "I've loved history since I was a kid and always knew I wanted to study it in college."  Besides double-majoring in anthropology, Dana minored in Italian Studies.  One of the most important things she learned as a student was "to keep challenging myself and to take even small assignments seriously so that I was always putting my best work forward."  Dana took summer courses in Ireland and studied for a semester in Washington, D.C., where she especially enjoyed exploring museums and historic sites, including the White House.  She brought her interests in history and anthropology together in her Senior-Year Experience project that examined representations of African American Civil War experiences in five American museums.  She hopes to attend graduate school for museum studies next year. 

Study Abroad: 
Northern Ireland; Washington, D.C.