Rebecca Dole '09

At St. Lawrence


After Graduation

Professional Position:  Admissions Assistant, The Tilton School

After graduation in 2009 I obtained an internship with the newly formed Concord Historical Society (Concord, NH). I had responded to an email while still in school from Dick Osborne, a SLU alum who is also on the Society's board. From June-October I was a research intern for a book project they were doing. I helped research what Concord residents' lives were like in the 20th century by going to their homes and chatting with them. Then I transcribed our conversation so quotes could be included in the book. I also helped with the research for a particular chapter on how agriculture had changed in the area. The book is entitled Crosscurrents of Change and is available in select bookstores in NH.

While doing my internship, I took a job in August of '09 at the New Hampshire Historical Society where I was a receptionist in its museum. I was there until April 2010. It was a fun experience learning more about my state's history and visiting with all of the tourists, many of whom were from overseas.

From October 2009-September 2011 I also worked for the Merrimack County Conservation District where I was a Program Coordinator, part time. I was in charge of organizing workshops and fundraisers. I helped with grant writing, primarily for out Local Foods Initiative, through which I was a collaborator in creating a 12-page Local Foods Guide (2010, 2011). I think my background in history really prepared me for this experience because of the grant writing I had to do.
Finally, last month I was offered a job as an Admissions Assistant at the Tilton School, a private boarding school in Tilton, NH. Unknowingly when I took the position, there are also a few fellow SLU alums working on campus. What a small world!