Vodou in Ottawa! History Faculty and students visit exhibit in Ottawa

Accompanied by Drs. Judith DeGroat and Juan Ponce-Vázquez, students in ""Earthquakes and Revolution. History of Haiti and Dominican Republic" spent their Easter Sunday at the Museum of the Civilizations in Ottawa, Canada. They enjoyed a fascinating exhibit about Haitian Vodou, a syncretic religion with deep roots in West Africa born out of the experiences of the slave trade, plantation slavery, and the Haitian Revolution in the island. Vodou is a religion still practiced by millions of Haitians (and Dominicans) on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola and abroad. The exhibit explores the complex practices associated with Haitian Vodou while dispelling the myths that we have come to associate with this religion, such as vodou dolls, or zombies.


The trip was made possible by an Instructional Mini-grant by the Center For Teaching and Learning, and the support of the Department of History.