History Students Present at Festival of Scholarship and Creativity

On April 25 from 12:30-5:30 p.m. in the Winston Room and Hannon Room, Student Center, SLU students will present projects for the 2014 Festival of Scholarship and Creativity.  Included will be these presentations from History students:

Oral Presentations Session I

Matthew Dudley:  For King and Countries:  The Remarkable Life of an Occasional Spaniard and a Fair-weather Patriot

Hunter Koski:  American Intervention in the Reparations of Germany from the Perspective of American Industrialist Owen D. Young

Poster Presentations

Philip Duggan:  Beirut in the Headlines:  Le Figaro's Reportage of the Lebanese Civil War, 1982-1984, and its Meaning for the French Center-Right

Katie Greene:  Vigilantism or Marginalized Citizenship?  Youth and Generational Conflict in Kenya

Brayden Henry:  From "King" Carter of Virginia to Henry of Connecticut

Sam Marvin:  Flawed Liberation:  A Look at the Challenges Facing the Allies During the Liberation of Nazi Concentration and Death Camps

Sophie Owen-Jankowski:  The Mau Forest:  A Multifaceted Modern Crisis

Oral Presentations Session II

Greg Carey:  It is not Light that is Needed, but Fire:  Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, and the Destruction of the Peculiar Institution

Oma Cecil: Korean Comfort Women:  Individual Experiences and Redress

Matthew Shoen:  Jews, Romans, and Historical Fiction:  An Analysis of the Representation of Ancient Jews in the Victorian Era

For these and more offerings, as well as more details, click here.