History Department internship fellows complete internships

The two history majors who won History Department Vilas Internship Fellowships have reported on their summer internships:

Emilia Poehlman '16 writes, "This summer I had the opportunity to intern at the Truro Historical Society and Museum in Cape Cod. My background at St. Lawrence was in history and education, so a museum seemed like the perfect place to begin my career. I have been able to explore my interests by being involved with many different projects such as accessioning donations and creating a membership database. I’ve discovered that I am interested in pursuing a career in museum development."

Francis Shields '17 reports, "This summer, I was an intern at AOL Inc. and split my time between two departments. On Mondays and Fridays, I worked with the audience development team for and created content that reached over 40 million people in just two months. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, I worked with the AOL copyright and trademark legal team. Most legal interns are law students so they gave me literature about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Supreme Court cases regarding the Lanham Act (governs copyright registration), and many other documents. I produced 1-2 page briefs on many of these readings and received edits just like a class at Saint Lawrence. Over the past three years, my history professors have honed my critical reading skills, which allowed me to efficiently and effectively extract the important information from documents. In addition, the briefs I wrote this summer were much like the document analyses assigned by Professor Gabriel. My bosses were all impressed with my ability to produce clear, concise briefs and much of that success can be attributed to my experience as a history major at Saint Lawrence."

The History Department Vilas Internship Fellowships are awarded every year to majors and minors to help support students take an unpaid or underpaid summer internship. The first application deadline is in March, with a second in April.