Emily Gowdey-Backus '10

At St. Lawrence

Major:History and Art History

At SLU, I was a history and art history double major from Burlington, Conn.  My historical interests vary and my studies at SLU  ranged from Modern Latin America to Revolutionary Colonial America to the Pre-Industrial Middle East.  However, as a senior I chose to focus my studies on the Second World War.  I completed an honors thesis with Dr. Elun Gabriel concerning the development of a Nazi aesthetic, and how it shaped Third Reich and German World War II propaganda.

In the fall of 2008 I studied abroad in London, England and participated in a four week internship with an architectural, urban development, and planning corporation called New London Architecture.  This experience was worth its weight in gold.  Not only was I able to experience a different culture while living, and working, overseas, I developed more self-confidence.

In my senior year, I was the Arts & Entertainment editor at the Hill News and in the fall I was an intern with the university’s communications department.  I hope to become more involved in the field of journalism after graduation.


After Graduation

For a year I temped in Boston looking for jobs in the communications and writing world and then found my mid-twenties dream job in Western Mass and moved out to the Pioneer Valley. My role as the Assistant Director of Communications at the Williston Northampton School was a great way to get my feet wet in the professional writing industry. The private secondary school’s campus was akin to a small, local beat. In this position I wrote copy for the alumni magazine, online blogs, and was he contact for outside media.

In August 2013 I began to write a personal blog, FlashGowdey.com. Here I post articles about personal interests, current events, and have photos from my international travels. Practice really does make…well, closer to perfect.

I started rock climbing while living in the Pioneer Valley and have continued to travel internationally. Three of my SLU 2010 classmates and I celebrated New Year’s 2013 in the UK and Ireland and I traveled with my family to Barbados in 2014.

Now a freelance writer for Worcester’s Pulse Magazine, a monthly print magazine with an online presence, I’m growing my professional portfolio while still devoting time to FlashGowdey.com.

The fall semester of 2014 will find me in Cardiff, Wales enrolled in the International Journalism MA program at Cardiff University. I’m very excited to return to the UK and begin my international journalism career.

Please be in touch if you’d like to chat about transitioning a history degree into a writing career.