Required Health Forms for All New Incoming Students | St. Lawrence University Health and Counseling Services

Required Health Forms for All New Incoming Students

Health Requirements

All new incoming students attending St. Lawrence University are required to submit the following documents for their student health file so they arrive on campus no later than JULY 20th.  

All health forms must be completed in English and be completely legible.

Forms arriving after July 20th will be subject to a $50 late fee.

General Health History Form

This form is to be completed by the student only.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted. Please feel free to elaborate on any significant health issues on a separate page and attach.

Comprehensive Physical Exam Form

This form is to be completed and signed by your health care provider.  A physical exam is required and must be recorded on our form and dated within 12 months of your arrival to campus. Incomplete forms cannot be accepted.  If you are participating in a NCAA sport, physicals must be dated within 6 months.

Vaccination Record

Please ask your health care provider to complete this form and request that all vaccinations are properly recorded and up to date.  This form must be signed and dated by your health care provider.  We will accept an attached vaccination record as long as all vaccinations are up to date and legible. If records are unavailable or if there is any doubt as to the date or type of vaccine, you will be required to have a titer drawn or be revaccinated at your own expense.

Meningitis Response Form

This form must be completed by the student and returned if you have chosen not to receive the meningitis vaccination. We are required by New York State law to include this form in your student health file if you have refused the vaccine. The meningitis vaccination is not required, but is recommended for all college students living on campus.

Tuberculosis Screening Record

Step 1 of this form must be completed and signed by the student at the bottom of the form.  If 'yes' is answered to any of the questions in Step 1, then Step 2 must be completed and signed by your health care provider.

You will not be able to check into your room or attend classes until all forms have been received and all health requirements have been met.

For confidentiality purposes, all health forms should be placed in an envelope and addressed directly to:

Diana B. Torrey ’82 Health & Counseling Center, St. Lawrence University, 76 Park Street., Canton, NY  13617

Please allow at least 10 days for the mail to reach us and be processed.

Varsity Student-Athletes
If you are a varsity student-athlete please go to the Sports Medicine webpage on the St. Lawrence Athletics website to complete all required medical forms to participate in intercollegiate athletics at St. Lawrence University.  A link to the website is here: