Mission, Goals & Confidentiality | St. Lawrence University Health and Counseling Services

Mission, Goals & Confidentiality

Mission and Goals:

The Diana B. Torrey ’82 Health and Counseling Center mission is empowering students to be active partners in their wellness and supporting students in their pursuit of academic and life long goals. We endeavor to have students gain the ability to:

  • Choose behaviors and environments that promote health and reduce risk.
  • Articulate the relationship between health and wellness and accomplishment of life long goals
  • Exhibit behaviors that advance a healthy community
  • Achieve balance between education, work and leisure time and articulate the importance of such balance
  • Overcome obstacles that hamper their goal achievement
  • Function on the basis of personal identity, ethical, spiritual and moral values


The Diana B. Torrey ’82 Health and Counseling Center is legally and ethically obligated to protect every student’s right to privacy. Health records are strictly confidential and maintained in compliance with federal and New York State laws, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Family Educational rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and New York State Education Law and the rules of the Board of Regents. Center staff will not release information to anyone outside the Center including family, parent/legal guardians, SLU faculty/staff, or outside agencies,without the written authorization of the student, unless required by law. In the case of a minor, the authorization of a parent or legal guardian is required to release medical records. In a medical emergency, only relevant health information will be released to another healthcare provider. If a student wishes to release his/her records to another provider, authorization forms are available at the center. If you have any questions please call the Health and Counseling Center at 229-5392.)