Transportation | St. Lawrence University Green Pages


St. Lawrence recognizes that emissions associated with transportation are a contributor to our carbon footprint. The University encourages responsible, efficient, and sustainable modes of transportation through the following:

  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Friendly - Our campus is designed to encourage and promote alternative modes of transportation; the Facilities Master Plan specifically calls for the enhancement of walkways throughout campus
  • Bicycle Infrastructure - Our campus, recognized by the Leaugue of American Bicyclists as a "Bicycle Friendly University, " is home to several bicycle repair stations and over 100 conveniently located bicycle parking options
  • Green Bikes Program - Students, Faculty, and Staff can borrow bicycles, helmets, and locks from the Science Library
  • Complete Streets- The Village of Canton features a multi-modal friendly one-mile stretch of NY Route 11
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations - Newell Field House features two electric vehicle charging stations 
  • Hybrid Vehicles - The University Fleet maintains hybrid vehicles available for reservation for all University sponsored travel needs
  • Reduced Idling Policy - Unnecessary vehicle idling contributes to increased emissions and poor air quality
  • Vacation Bus Service - Allows you to share the ride with friends and reduce emissions when leaving campus for breaks
  • Transportation Service - Shuttles are available to take you to airports, train stations, and bus depots