Graduate Courses - Summer 2021 | St. Lawrence University Graduate Programs

Graduate Courses - Summer 2021

EDAD-5024-01 Student-Athlete Wellness & Deve (0.83 Credits)

SUMMER 2021: ONLINE COURSE. This course is designed to provide the opportunity to explore, discuss and gain an understanding of the issues and current trends pertaining to student athlete wellness and development in the ever-evolving nature of intercollegiate athletics. Through class readings, discussions, written assignments, presentations, and individualized projects, students will examine current research, student development theories, best practices, as well as the complexities, and critical framework for thinking about student-athlete development. The content of the course is intended to increase awareness of the challenges confronting intercollegiate athletic leaders in supporting the student-athlete experience. Specific focus is given to topics such as equity, diversity, inclusion, identity, gender, legal issues, mental and physical well-being and how each relates to promoting a holistic environment for a positive student- athlete experience.

Requisites: None

7/5/2021 - 7/23/2021 (Hybrid)

Days: M,T,W,Th,F
Time: 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Location: Atwood Hall 2
Instructor: Grembowicz, F.

EDAD-5031-01 Outdatd&OverplayedLndrshp:TH (0.83 Credits)

SUMMER 2021: ONLINE COURSE. Remote synchronous meetings with complimentary asynchronous components. This course will introduce the basic tenets of stakeholder theory and explore sports-related applications. Through a stakeholder perspective, we will examine multiple levels(e.g., youth, collegiate, professional, etc.) of sport and discuss a variety of relevant contemporary social issues. The primary objective of the course is to consider more inclusive, innovative, and collaborative approaches to leadership in sport.

Requisites: None

7/12/2021 - 7/30/2021 (Online)

Days: M,T,W,Th,F
Time: 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Location: ONLINE
Instructor: Locke, M.

EDAD 5032-01 Critical Whiteness Studies: RS (0.83 Credits)

SUMMER 2021: IN PERSON. This course will examine the role of education in perpetuating white supremacy. Although whiteness is most typically associated with white people, this class will differentiate between individual notions of white racial identity and systems of ideological whiteness within a nation built around white supremacy. Given that Critical Whiteness Studies, as a discipline, came out of Critical Race Theory, this course will also examine the tenets of CRT. Thus, while race will be the central focus of this course, this class will draw on an intersectional approach by simultaneously examining other identity constructs, such as ethnicity, class, language, citizenship, gender, etc. As Leonardo (2005) states, "The hidden curriculum of whiteness saturates everyday school life and one of the first steps to articulating its features is coming to terms with its specific modes of discourse" (p. 44). As such, this class aims to uncover and demystify the hidden curriculum of whiteness in order to challenge and resist white supremacy and oppression in the realm of education and beyond

Requisites: None

7/12/2021 - 7/30/2021 (In Person)

Days: T,Th
Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location: Atwood 2
Instructor: Sierk, J.