Catherine O'Connell | St. Lawrence University Global Studies

Catherine O'Connell

Catherine O'Connell
Class year: 
Global Studies
History/African Studies
Amherst, New Hampshire
Advocates, Vice President of Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society, Sister of KDS Sorority

I studied abroad after my freshman year with the summer program to Ireland and then again for my Fall Junior semester in Kenya. It wasn’t until my Ireland trip that I discovered Global Studies as a field, and fell in love with it. I realized I love to learn how to see the world from different perspectives, to understand systemic reasons for inequities in societies through social theories, and how I as a singular person can cause change in my community through my understanding of those around me. Now I continually encourage people to—if not major or minor in GS— to at least enroll in a GS class at some point in their SLU career because it can open your eyes to so much… and why not take advantage of one of the oldest and most renowned Global Studies departments in the country?