The Weave featured in new book on independent media

The Weave, the Global Studies department's citizen journalism project focused on underreported stories and Big Questions, is featured in a new book published by the groundbreaking independent media organization Project Censored.  The book, Censored 2014: Fearless Speech in Fateful Times, is the latest in a series of books published annually by Project Censored to spotlight some of the most important underreported stories of the year.  The 2014 edition also features a section on "Media Democracy in Action: Free Press and Free Speech Advocates that Make a Difference."  Included in the section is a short essay by John Collins, who is Director of the Weave and Chair of Global Studies. 

Collins' essay describes the history and mission of the Weave and quotes Lukasz Niparko '13, a dedicated Weave staffer and author of the Solidarity Avenue blog.  "When I heard about the Weave, I decided to make it my 'little solution' to the world's problems," writes Niparko, who connects the Weave with many of the key theorists studied in the Global Studies major. "After all, the Weave embraces Gramsci's idea of organic intellectualism, understands the ideological apparatuses of Althusser, promotes the self-empowerment and social organizing found in Freire, and is a form of praxis that comes from Marx. The Weave became my ultimate answer to 'what I can do as a student', but also to what I can do as a citizen who is striving to understand this globalizing world."