GS majors publish articles in The Underground

Two Global Studies majors, Isabel Borman '12 and Paige Veidenheimer '12, recently published their work in the latest issue of The Underground, a peer-reviewed undergraduate journal focusing on issues of representation.  Now in its second year of publication, The Underground is edited by St. Lawrence University students and headquartered at SLU's Department of Performance and Communication Arts.  Both Borman and Veidenheimer are also bloggers contributing to The Weave, the Global Studies Department's independent media project focusing on underreported stories. 

Borman addresses the long-term impact of colonial discourse in her article, "Producing and Reproducing Representations: A Study of Maasai and Maori in Mainstream Western Media."  Drawing on research conducted for her honors project in Global Studies, Borman argues that "stereotypical portrayals" of the Maasai and Maori "cyclically perpetuated by cultural performances the communities perform for tourists."

Veidenheimer's article, titled "Keeping Kerala Secret: Media Coverage as an Indicator of Anti-Socialist Sentiment," is part of a larger senior research project exploring "how the economic system in Kerala, India affects the ability of the state to meet the health care needs of citizens afflicted with malaria."  Combining the tools of political economy and critical media studies, Veidenheimer analyzes the striking lack of Western media coverage of successful anti-malaria efforts in Kerala, a predominantly socialist state. 

Both articles emerged out of work conducted for a Global Studies seminar titled Blogging the Globe: News Analysis and Investigative Journalism, taught by Prof. John Collins. 

View Isabel Borman's blog on The Weave

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