Dr. Ganapathy speaks on the cross-cultural politics of birth narratives | St. Lawrence University Global Studies

Dr. Ganapathy speaks on the cross-cultural politics of birth narratives

Dr. Sandhya Ganapathy, Assistant Professor of Global Studies, recently gave an invited presentation for the Onkwehonwe Midwives Collective based on her research into Andean birth practices, which was supported in part by the Mellon Wide Angle Learning Grant for the Health Humanities. The presentation, offered as part of the OMC's Midwifery Training Program, focused on the cultural and political dynamics surrounding narratives about birth. "Some narratives are shared and others are silenced," noted the OMC in a Facebook post about the event. "It is important to look at issues through a wide lens because the stories that lie outside the normal margins tell the story from another angle."

Dr. Ganapathy, an interdisciplinary anthropologist who did her PhD at Temple University, joined the Global Studies department in a new Assistant Professor role in Fall 2019. Her research on birth practices took her to Peru last summer.

The OMC's mission is to "provide assistance to Indigenous moms and their families with reclaiming control of their birth plans, along with continued education and support throughout all the phases of an Indigenous women's life."

"Birth is something the connects people, because it is one of the few universal experiences that exists in all cultures," writes the OMC. "It was a great presentation to start the week off!"